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NIP+FAB Teen Skin Fix Salicylic Acid Night Pads...
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Catch some Z’s in peace knowing you’ll be rising with clearer, calmer skin with the NIP + FAB Salicylic Acid Night Pads from the skincare and makeup label’s best-selling Teen Fix range aimed at oily, blemish-prone skin types. Supercharged with powerful antioxidant and antimicrobial agent Wasabi extract, the breakout-fighting range helps to remove acne-causing bacteria, eliminate excess sebum and zap spots. The single-use pads are saturated in blemish antidote Salicylic Acid, Lotus Flower extract and a protective complex to help support the healing process of active flare-ups and speed up recovery time. Dehydrated skin overcompensates with increased sebum levels, so Hyaluronic Acid is utilised to deeply quench the complexion and regulate production.

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